Screen Printing

Printing in its various forms is a traditional type of art used widely throughout history and across the globe. The two main types of printing which Daler-Rowney focuses on today are Block Printing, with the use of water-soluble colours, and Silk Screen Printing, with the use of System 3 acrylic colours.

Block Printing is a technique used to print text, patterns or images onto paper and various other surfaces by creating a negative image with a special cutting tool on a lino block. The special Water-Soluble Block Printing colours, which are slightly tacky in their nature, are then applied to the block using a lino roller. A print can then be transferred onto a chosen surface multiple times.

Screen Printing is a technique which uses a a silk screen to transfer images drawn on the screen to your chosen surface. Here the System 3 acrylic colours are mixed with either a Screen Printing medium or a Textile Printing medium, if you wish to print on textiles.

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