Life Creative

Life Creative

Life Creative Collective is a creative community which provides its members with a blog space to upload and promote their work.

Life Creative Collective was started as a means of pooling together a group of loosely connected friends and colleagues who all shared a passion – creating beautiful work. It seemed like perfect sense to bring these individuals together as a collective to serve as a means of collaboration and communication between those within the group as well as providing commissioners and developers who may be searching for expertise within the creative industries to work on emerging projects.

The site offers visitors the opportunity to discover background information and examples of work by each of the contributing practitioners through bios and portfolios as well as links to their own websites or blogs. Members of the collective maintain their own section of the site to enable recent and up to date work and projects to be added. Members and visitors alike are able to pose questions to the collective or to feedback on anything they have seen on the site.

Potential commissioners can contact each creative directly or through the site to discuss future projects or collaborations. Of equal importance is the fact that individuals can feedback and comment on each others work as a means of discussion and debate prompting interaction and active communication.

Join Now

    •    Membership is just £30.00 per year
    •    Members receive there own personal blog space
    •    Social media members area
    •    Quarterly news letter
    •    Members will also be featured in a quarterly e-zine
    •    Can promote events and points of interest via the community blog
    •    Life Creative will keep its members nourished with creative highlights
    •    Life Creative will 'feature' members
    •    And Life Creative will be introducing a community shop to allow its members to sell their work.

Life Creative Collective has now gone public and is inviting creative individuals and organisations to come on board this exciting venture.
To see the broad range of practitioners (from fine artists to film makers, writers to musicians) already taking part and to find out more visit:

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