System 3, Aquafine and Georgian - NEW!!!

Daler-Rowney are delighted to introduce the new System3, Aquafine and Georgian brush ranges!

System 3, Aquafine, and Georgian brush ranges have been engineered to offer the best selection of brushes in the market for fine-art students at the most competitive price. High quality hairs are featured in these flagship ranges to offer experienced artists the ultimate experience. 

System 3 uses synthetic filaments, softer with short handled brushes and stiffer with long handled, ideal for artists using heavier bodied acrylics.

The Aquafine range features both synthetic and natural hair brushes, including a line of pure sable, making these Artist quality brushes affordable for the student. 

Georgian offers both hog hair and sable brushes but in long handled versions, ideal for the fine detail work required for portraiture and other delicate techniques which can’t be achieved with traditional hog bristle brushes.

Improved Quality
All brushes in the new ranges benefit from qualitative improvements compared to the previous range, even for shapes and sizes available previously.  All brushes feature higher quality ferrules and there are new improved synthetic filament blends for System 3 & Aquafine. Additionally a fresh and modern handle design common to all 3 ranges creates a visual presentation of one complete range for all techniques.

The lifetime Daler-Rowney lifetime guarantee applies to all System3, Aquafine and Georgian brushes.

Fresh Appearance
The new brushes in all 3 ranges feature a common look and have a colour band indicating the technique. 

Wallets and Sets:
A wider range of wallets and sets is also available in the new ranges. Each range features 8 wallets and 2 zip cases:
Wallets of 3 brushes - Great Value!
Wallets of 4 brushes - Free brush included!
Wallets of 5 brushes - Free brush included!

Zip Cases:
Zip cases of 10 brushes
These sets include brushes from all segments of open stock and offer further savings against the value of those included brushes.

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